1.How many years have you been skating for?

2. If you hadn’t of picked up a skateboard ‘x’ years ago, where would you be now? What would you be doing?

3. What’s the worst thing about skateboarding?

Konstantin @ Flinders st 

Konstantin’s a fan of $1 7/11 coffees. He’s been skating for 6 years. He’s from a really small town in SouthWest Germany called Saarlouis. If not for skateboarding, my man would be the standard European 20 year old. By standard he says, finish highschool – play football – go to uni – go party – barely pass your course – find a job on a collins st equivalent in Germany – work 9-5 – die. Skateboarding’s introduced him to so many facets of society/life: different people, ideologies, concepts, subcultures etc. For example, graphics on the decks introduced him to art, artsy concepts and artsy people. The music from Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 on playstation 1 broadened his musical perspective. If not for skateboarding, he might’ve had totally different interests, be less open minded & more shy/withdrawn. The worst thing about skateboarding for Konstantin is the money aspect of skateboarding right now I.e. General sports companies trying grab theirs ($) from skateboarding Or how skateboarding’s at a point now where a pro skater can switch from Energy drink sponsor A to B for his wage. It steals the fun from skateboarding. But he’s glad that there are still real skateboard companies and real skaters that skate for fun. Thanks for your time homie. Peace!

Greg @ Bar Americano

Greg Ledez’s been skating for 6 years. He’s from a small town in France called PierreFitte where there’s a lot of snow activity as well as football (soccer) activity. Hence if not for skateboarding, he’d be getting jiggy in the snow or playing football. Further he reckons he’d be partying european style (partying hard). Everything he knows now, he says he’s learnt through skateboarding – whether it be patience, perseverance, building friends/relationships. The worst thing about skateboarding for Greg is DC shoes. Why, i ask. It’s because companies like the before-mentioned seem to be killing/will kill the real side of skateboarding. Investments, money, competition, contracts, trading etc… Greg started skateboarding because it was different to sport & it’s competitive qualities. It had non-mainstream a personality.. “In the future, what will be the difference between skateboarding and other competitive sports?” one may ask.. Both will see crazy money involved, trading of players/skaters, competition, prizes, money, glory, worldwide exposure, sponsorship deals and so on. Anyway. He also hates longboards and penny boards. But apart from those 3 things, Greg’s all about peace, love and having fun. Thanks for your time homie!

Remi in front of ?

Remi’s been skating for 13 years. He’s from New Caledonia where the skate scene is tiny. Everyone knows everyone and it’s not acknowledged as anything – skateboarding and skateboarders are seen as outlaws (which is actually pretty rad). Dudes in New Caledonia switch between activities/hobbies really quickly. Remi would’ve been like this too. So he would’ve played sports, surfed, wakeboarded, partied etc. But on a deeper level, he wouldn’t be as patient, positive and passionate about life if he didn’t skate. He also picked up a Graphic/movie design course because of the skate culture. Hence without skateboarding, he’d be lost in many areas of his life. The worst thing about skateboarding for Remy is, not being able to skate. 

James @ Campbell Arcarde

James Wright kills it. He’s been skating for 16 years. He grew up in Petiti point on New Zealand’s coast. He actually surfed before skating and so if he didn’t pick it up, he would’ve been a surfer. Also, he’s had his own hat company called ‘Dunga Hats’. He would’ve concentrated more on making Dunga Hats also if he didn’t’ skate. However, after the Christchurch locals let him skate their boards at the museum, he hasn’t ever looked back but only moved forwards with the board under his feet. The worst thing about skateboarding for James is not being able to skate. Thanks for your time man. Peace!

Elliot @ Degraves

Elliot’s been skating for 10 years. During that time he’s met so many great people. He reckons skateboardings allowed him to easily meet new folk in foreign lands. If it weren’t for the skateboard, he’d probably not be involved in the social circles he’s being groovy in now. He actually can’t imagine doing anything else. He’s holding a skate film competition over here and so, further, this competition and Yew.tv wouldn’t exist if he’d not picked up a board 10 years ago. The worst thing about skateboarding for Elliot is Sunday afternoons as it’s packed, everywhere.

Caeylen @ Underground

Caeylen’s been on a board for about 5 years now – and he shreds. However in that alternate dimension where he doesn’t skate, he’s in England playing soccer (football) with the lads [english accent]. Drinking tea [english accent]. English Breakfast [english accent]. Maybe even coffee actually.. spending sunny afternoons perfecting those soy skinny chai piccolo lattes with an extra shot of coffee that’s been dug up from the deep pits of your mum’s amazon forest. (?) He reckons he’d be having $500 haircuts, have a real bimbo of a girlfriend and/or be the definition of an ‘art fag’ (Nah but some art fags are alright though). Anyway, the point is, he’s not like that, the complete opposite almost. He skates, hard, and is off to NY soon to shred! In the meantime his crew’s working on a video that’s here (check that line – first try). The worst thing about skateboarding for Caeylen is skateboarding youtube kids. Yo, cya around. Thanks for your time! peace.

Riley @ Underground

Riley’s been skating for 4 yearsIf he hadn’t of done so, he’d be really into sports – footy especially. He could’ve been like those outer suburban public school kids who idolise sportsmen in singlets 10 sizes too small complimented by their shorts that barely conceal their scrotums. But nah, Riley’s not that like. He’s rad. The worst thing about skateboarding for Riley is how  skateboarding is seemingly losing its true roots. It’s not about the fun & joy skating activity and lifestyle brings anymore. It’s a tool used by many youth to add ‘cool’ points. He reckons skateboarding’s considered ‘cool’ now, and so every kid is off riding penny boards and rocking skate brands that their favourite rap icon wears – skate brands they don’t even know about. Anyway, Riley’s a downright dirty skater and that’s that. Peace dude. Thanks for your time.

Sammy @ lincolns

Sammy’s been skating for 8 years now. If he didn’t step on a board 8 years ago, he says he would’ve been a Nautica wearing, TN – , AIRMAX endorsing, L A D from Sydney’s Inner west (an area with next level lad activity). He reckons he would’ve been partying way too hard and would’ve been “excuse the pun, a lo-life”. He thinks his personality and character would be the opposite of what it is now – skating with Sammy, I know him to be pretty rad & chill. Hence skateboarding has been more than just a little hobby for Sammy. The worst thing about skateboarding is the crowded streets/public places. Thanks for your time g. Skate soon! Peace.

Heath @ Flinders st. stairs

Heath’s been skating for 3 years now. He’s glad he’s been a skater for that time period as if he wasn’t, he’d be heaps less healthy and fit. Further he’d be more stressed as skating’s a good outlet for stress relief. So he says he’d be less relaxed and way more tense. He reckons he’d have fewer friends as through skateboarding he’s met a load of people. The worst thing about skateboarding for H-man is being bummed out on a trick. Trying for hours and not landing it.. that dirty feeling.. We know H-man, we know. Thanks for your time. Peace.

Seb @ Flinders st. subway

Seb looks like one of those wax people. Pale and red hair! (In a good way though). He’s been skating for 1.5 years and is fairly new to skateboarding, but loves it regardless. He reckons if he didn’t pick up skateboarding, he’d be playing more playstation crash bandicoot 3. He says he’s glad he picked up skating because otherwise he might’ve been riding a penny board. He’s developed his relationship with his mates who skate by being more engaged in the activity/lifestyle. So he’s happy, and so are we, and so are his wax people family. The worst thing about skateboarding for my man is the seriousness/competitiveness sometimes evident – agreed. Thanks heaps Seb. Cya around!

Matty @ lincolns 

Matty (right) has been skating for 15 years. If he hadn’t of picked up skateboarding, he would definitely have been more career focused. He’s in the menswear/fashion industry and skateboarding has been a gateway into street culture. By entering this arena, he’s been exposed to a lot of street fashion styles/influences/ideologies. So if he didn’t skate, his menswear lines would not had have that street aesthetic/flair and probably would’ve been heading in a totally different direction (i.e. more sports based). He also reckons he wouldn’t have had the feeling of community that skateboarding offers and also would be a lot less motivated and have a lot less self-drive. For Matty, the worst thing about skateboarding is/was: Chet 4’sHa! Peace Brother.