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Team Rider Leigh Takemoto session the camberwell park rail.



The long-awaited DOG DANGLIN video will be coming in a few months time. Put together by Melbourne locals, DOG DANGLIN will feature lo-life team rider Leigh Takemoto who’s supposedly been destroying all in his path. The crew’s got a blog going on here so show some love & support.


Over the weekend we had Shred Fest II going down at the Lounge. Wax Museum homies were holding it down on the 1’s and 2’s while team riders Leigh Takemoto & Geoff Campbell ripped alongside the boys from Fast Times. In conjunction with the days events Big Mappy was celebrating his 40th, alot of good times were had! Stay tuned for Shred Fest III >

Leigh Backlippin’

Geoff with the Nollie Noseslide

Callum Paul – Shmitty

Jimmy Roche – Nosegrind pop out

Leigh – 50 up the rail

Leigh – Back Tail

The best Photographer/ Skater around – Moey Back Smith

Leigh getting hooked up with the chest cam

Leigh – Tre’ Flip

Leigh secured the MVP for the day’s session, hooked up with a new MUVI cam – Killin’ it bro!

Check out this clip of Lo-Life team rider Leigh Takemoto ripping it up at Frankston & Seaford >

Here’s a recent clip of Lo-Life team rider Leigh Takemoto at Box Hill.